Friday, April 20, 2007

Virtual Rosé Wine Tasting!

It just keeps on coming tonight - amazing what a wine-obsessed insomniac can stumble upon in one evening! My next big find of the night is a "Wine Blogging Wednesday" type event called a Virtual Wine Tasting hosted by Catavino. (I grabbed this cool 1984-esque graphic from Catavino's site: since I don't know what I'm doing yet in terms of blogging etiquette, please tell me if this is a no-no, rude, or in any way bad!)

Back to the tasting - the theme for this virtual tasting was chosen as a way of encouraging folks to delve a little deeper into an oft-neglected portion of the wine world, rosés. It seems that many American wine drinkers (myself included until quite recently) live in a binary wine world: wine is either red or white. Contemplating a glass of pink wine only conjures up memories of the sickly sweet "White Zinfandel"; a difficult mental roadblock to overcome.

Thus I am excited to participate in Catavino's proposed virtual rosé tasting, which will give me a chance to compare a Spanish or Portuguese rosé with a French or Californian one (of which I am just *slightly* more familiar). Or I could go crazy and try a South American rosé - Kris and I tried a 2006 Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé a couple weeks ago to welcome in what we thought was the beginning of Spring (and then it got cold and dreary ever since - tomorrow looks better though!). It was only an $8 wine, and we were pleasantly surprised by the "happy fruit flavor" (official wine tasting terminology all the way on this blog), and crisp, balanced taste. I've heard of people liking South American Malbec Rosés, so I may have to check one of those out - I'll let you know how it goes!

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winedeb said...

Hi Nate, this is Winedeb. Thanks for your comment on the wine opener. I left you a message on my site. Now coming to your site today, I noticed your post regarding the virtual tasting. I did one last night and have posted about it today. Small world us wine bloggers have! Too fun!